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  1. ''Lessor'' XL Rent a Car is a part of Taslak Trade d.o.o. company with its headquarters at Dobrilina 3, 21000 Split, OIB:80404670494 (later XL).
  2. ''Lessee'' stands for the person, company or organization which or on whose behalf the car is being rented under these renting conditions.
  3. ''Driver'' is a natural person responsible for respecting all terms in the rental contract, a person who took the car from XL, and whose name is verified and written on the first page of the rental contract next to the title ''user''.
  4. ''Additional driver'' is a natural person responsible for respecting all terms in the rental contract, a person whose name is verified and written on the first page of the rental contract next to the title ''second driver''. Lessor has to make sure that each authorized driver meets general renting conditions.
  5. ''Third person'' is a natural person or legal person who is not XL employee or rented car driver (e.g. passengers in the car, people outside the car, other road users, pedestrians and similar).
  6. ''Lessee, driver and additional driver'' from now on will be referred to with one word ''user''.


2.1. Conditions for conclusion of the contract are for the user to 

  1. be at least 18 and have one year of driving experience for the A and B group of vehicles
  2. be at least 21 and have two years of driving experience for the other group of vehicles
  3. be at least 24 and have five years of driving experience for the higher class group of vehicles
  4. have valid documents (driving licence, ID or passport) which will prove that the user meets all the rental conditions written above. XL reserves the right to make copies of the mentioned documents
  5. have valid credit card that will be used as a guarantee for obligations that can come out of renting and relating the renting, according to these conditions and rental contract.

2.2. In case that in the name of lessee who is a legal person a driver is taking the car and signing a contract he or she must guarantee to have permission to do so, and he or she becomes responsible and guarantees to XL, together with that legal person, to respect and carry out all the obligations from this contract.


3.1. A reservation can be done in one of these ways:

  1. e-mail: xlinfo@xlrentacar.com
  2. cellphone: +385 (0)99 226 226 0 Split, +385 (0)99 228 228 8 Zagreb
  3. web: http://www.xlrentacar.com/
  4. through different agents (tourist agencies and other business associates).

3.2. A reservation that comes through one of these ways XL can accept or deny in accordance with its rental conditions.

3.3. The contract is considered to be made in fixed term that will be written in confirmed reservation.


4.1. In case that lessee has to change or cancel the reservation made according to his or her wishes (changing the beginning or the end of the rental, the place for taking the vehicle, class and so on) he or she can do so up to 48 hours prior to the beginning of the rental using one of the contacts written above.

Cancelling the reservation less than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the rental you will have to pay the same amount as if you rented a car for one day, and XL keeps the right to charge any other expenses that may occur according to customer's request (such as picking up the car in another town).  

4.2. For the user to be entitled to have the right to cancel or change reservation he or she has to submit a statement of cancellation or change of reservation and send it to XL to its e-mail or call one of the earlier written phone numbers.

4.3. If the user changes the reservation before the beginning of the rental (changing start, finish and/or place of the rental, the class of the vehicle or similar) the same has to be confirmed by XL which reserves the right to change the price of the rental according to its valid price list.

4.4. If the user does not take the rented vehicle at the agreed time and day, without previously notifying XL (by e-mail or phone) the reservation will be seen as cancelled 2 hours later. In that case XL reserves the right to charge a base price of the rental, according to agreed rental time.

4.5. A deposit confirms and assures your reservation, and it is irreversible in case you cancel your reservation.


5.1. XL accepts valid credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners) as a guarantee of payment. You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or by debit card (Visa electron or Maestro).

5.2. When you come to take the vehicle XL employee will make pre-authorization of funds on your credit card for the amount which will be determined by XL depending on the category of the rental car.

5.3. When you return the car in the same condition as it was when you took it the reserved deposit will be cancelled (no damage on the car, no traffic violations, and so on).

5.4. By signing the rental contract the user authorizes XL to charge complete amount by these conditions from the user's account. The user's account means credit card account or any other guarantee of payment by which the pre-authorization was made.

5.5. By signing the rental contract the user agrees that XL can charge the cost of any repair, damage or loss that will be discovered after the vehicle is returned, and the user did not tell of it to XL employee as the procedure of returning the car requires.

5.6. When the vehicle is returned the invoice has to be paid either in our branch in cash, or in the next eight days by credit card. Any other additional costs that are caused by the user (e.g. parking fines) will be added to the invoice. If the invoice is not paid in time XL will charge the user extra for the legal interests in accordance with legal regulations.



6.1. The vehicles are rented at a daily price in accordance with agreed rate, where one day stands for any 24 hours period starting from the beginning of the rental contract. After that time expires extra day will be charged.

6.2. Basic price of the rental includes: a rented car, CDW insurance (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Insurance).

6.3. The user is obliged to pay XL the basic price of the rental and for extra services that he or she used (such as child car seat, GPS, extra driver and similar) as well as all other extra fees, services and costs that are listed in the rental contract.

6.4. Prices of rental, services, fees and costs are subjected to changes according to XL  decisions. The user can be informed about prices through channels written above, but those prices are purely informative and are not subjected to creation of rights and obligations.

6.5. Extra services, fees and costs that are not included in the price and are paid extra are:

  1. extra driver
  2. GPS
  3. child car seat
  4. delivery and taking the vehicle outside our branch
  5. one way rentals
  6. extra kilometres
  7. extra pouring fuel
  8. delay in returning the vehicle
  9. delivery and taking the vehicle after hours
  10. traffic violations and/or parking fines
  11. damage and repair of the vehicle
  12. damage or loss of parts, keys, equipment and vehicle documentation
  13. compensation for more mileage than the agreed or approved


7.1. XL will deliver the rented vehicle to the user in proper technical condition with all the necessary documentation, parts and equipment.

7.2. The user has to tell any potential remarks about the state of the vehicle before taking the car.

7.3. The user is obliged to return the vehicle with all the documents, tires, tools and equipment listed in the rental contract and check out–check in document, in the same state as it was taken, on the place, day and time agreed on in the rental contract, and with the same amount of fuel.

7.4. Taking and returning the vehicle after hours is possible at request of the user where XL has the right to charge extra fees according to the valid price list. If the vehicle is being returned after hours the user is responsible for it until XL employee takes it.

7.5. If the user returns the vehicle before the end of the rental, XL obtains the right to charge the full price of the rental, and in case the vehicle is used after the end of the rental, XL obtains the right to charge the rent until the vehicle is returned, as well as fees for being late with the return. 

7.6. Being late up to two hours will not be charged extra. Being late more than two hours will be charged as full day.

7.7. If the vehicle is returned to different location from the one where was taken, the invoice made in the branch where the vehicle is returned, must be approved by the branch which gave the vehicle, and the same branch reserves the right to correct the invoice.

7.8. Delivery and taking the vehicle outside the XL branch is charged according the valid price list.



Rented car must not be driven or used under these conditions:

  1. by person not listed as user in the rental contract
  2. for paid transfer of passengers or goods
  3. if the contract is based on false statements or false personal information
  4. for car racing, endurance tests, speed testing or driver's lessons
  5. for driving or towing other vehicle or object
  6. rented vehicle must not be overweighted by people or objects in way that the weight surpasses the maximum weight limit, and it can be driven only on roads of the first and the second order
  7. by person under influence of alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinative or any other type of drugs
  8. not respecting the speeding limit or any other traffic rule defined by law in the country in which you are - 90km/h on the roads of the first order, 50 km/h on the roads of the second and the third order, 130 km/h on highway
  9. breaking provisions of the law, commands or statues that are related to usage, loading or the condition of the car, or use it for any type of illegal business
  10. no alterations must be made on the vehicle.

XL Rent a Car cannot be held responsible for any type of loss or damage caused by the user's failure to comply with prohibitions written above.


During the rental period the user agrees:

  1. to return the vehicle at the agreed place and time
  2. to take care of the vehicle and use it in proper way
  3. to take care of technical correctness and on a regular basis check the engine, oil in the automatic transmission, if there is such in the rented vehicle, water in the radiator, car battery and tire pressure
  4. that every time he or she leaves the vehicle they will close the windows, lock it, take the keys and all the documents and always have them under personal control
  5. to use the type of fuel that corresponds the vehicle's specification
  6. not to alter data on the mileage and speed measurer
  7. to tell all these regulations and conditions in the rental contract to other authorized drivers.

The user is required to pay any damage caused by insufficient maintenance of the vehicle.

If during the rental the vehicle comes to mileage required for routine car service the user must  tell that to XL Rent a Car and make the vehicle available for service. In that case XL provides the user with substitute vehicle.


In case the user requires the car longer than it is written on the contract, the user has to notify XL and get its approval at least 24 hours before the time written in the contract. If the user does not get that kind of approval and does not return the vehicle, it will be considered as the user unlawfully provided that vehicle. In that case XL retains a right to take its own steps to lawfully take back the vehicle in question. If the user returns the vehicle after the date agreed on, and if, during that period the rental prices change, the price will consist of the new amounts, starting from the day the vehicle was supposed to be returned.

8.4. FUEL

All vehicles are rented with full tank of fuel. When the user rents a vehicle he or she is responsible for the cost of fuel from the time the vehicle leaves the branch until it is returned. XL reserves the right to charge extra for the service of pouring fuel, according to management's decision.


The mileage made while the vehicle was rented will be determined by reading the original odometre,and the user is obliged to inform the rent a car agency if it will exceeds more than 3000 km with the vehicle.


9.1. If the vehicle was involved in car accident, damaged, broken or in need of repairing, no matter the cause, the user must notify XL immediately and fill in the damage report and secure the vehicle from sustaining further damage.

9.2. The user will be held responsible for the damages on the rented vehicle in case of fire if the fire was caused for his or her guilt or negligence, or if the user in any way violated the contract. In that case the user will have to bear the full amount of damage.

9.3. The user must not organize or do any repairs without XL's clearance, unless that is necessary to prevent further damages on the vehicle. If the vehicle has to be repaired or changed, XL will give the user a substitute vehicle in its sole discretion.

9.4. In case of a car accident or if the vehicle gets stolen, the user must call the police and ask for a report on event. It is necessary to fill in a special form for incident report and bring it to the branch that issued the vehicle in question. The user commits to work with XL Rent a Car in case of an accident to help in investigation and in procedure regarding the accident, and to take care of lessor and insurer's interests. In case the user fails to do all the above he or she will have to pay all the cost of the accident by himself or herself.

9.5. In case the user looses documents, keys, license plates and similar, the user will have to bear the cost of making new ones according to valid price list.

9.6. XL will repay the user all cost of oil change, lubricants, regular maintenance and smaller repairs made during the duration of the lease, if they were cleared by XL in advance. The user has to give XL paid invoice issued on the name of XL. The cost of car wash will not be refunded to the user.

9.7. If it is determined that the user unnecessarily changed some circuit, part or device on the vehicle, XL will not repay the user for it.

9.8. For reimbursement of the expenses the user must get approval of XL's person in charge; otherwise those costs will not be compensated.

9.9. XL will not be responsible for any damages that may happen to user or other passengers in the vehicle.


All XL vehicles are insured against liability against damages caused by the use of a vehicle to a third party. This insurance becomes invalid if the user breaks any condition of this contract and in that case the user must accept the possibility of having to reimburse any claims towards XL made by either third party or their insurer. 

Compulsory insurances included in the rental price:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – participation in damages – with this the renter reduces liability for damages maximally to amount of the franchise that depends on the group of the vehicle, so if the cost of the damage is less than the value of the franchise, the renter has to pay for that smaller amount.

TP (Theft Protection) – the user of the rented car limits his or her responsibility for that type of damage up to the amount of participation in damages.

Additional options for clients:

The risk and the level of the liability the lessee can decrease by paying the following insurances:

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – repurchase of the franchise – by paying this the lessee can buy out his or her liability in damages and in that case the lessee is completely covered i.e. he or she doesn't have to pay anything in case of any type of damages

WUG - (Wheel, Underside & Glass Insurance) – covers the damage of tires, rim and its cover, damaged or broken underside of the vehicle and broken glass. Does not cover damages inside the vehicle.

PAI (Personal Insurance) – paying extra for this type of insurance covers the driver and passengers in case of death and/or disability up to amount set by XL's insurance company.

Insurance does not cover:

  • damages made in the interior of the vehicle (unless it is a result of an accident)
  • damages on the clutch
  • damages on the engine caused by lack of motor oil, pouring the wrong type of fuel or by negligence
  • damages made by lost documents, keys of the vehicle or license plates
  • damages made by the driver under influence of alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinative       or any other type of drugs
  • damages made by unauthorized driver
  • damages made abroad, if crossing the border was not approved by lessor
  • any damage on the vehicle that was not reported to police station in charge or lessor's agent

In case of any adverse events (circumstances) listed above, lessee is responsible for covering the full price.

Lesser cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss of lessee's proprieties in or on a rented vehicle.


Without the police record, the full amount of damages or theft will be charged to client, no matter the type of insurance he or she paid for. Police record must be written even if the client is not present at the time the damage occurred (e.g. the vehicle was damaged on the parking by unknown person).


Crossing Border Insurance  - so called green card is mandatory if the lessee plans to travel by the rented car outside the Republic of Croatia. Rent a Car agency must be notified of the intention of travelling abroad so that they can provide the lessee with the green card.

Entering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia is possible at request and prior approval by XL Rent a Car. For more information please contact us at phone numbers: 

  • +385 (0)99 226 226 0 Split 
  • +385 (0)99 228 228 8 Zagreb
  • or on e-mail: xlinfo@xlrentacar.com.


The user is considered responsible for all traffic violations made during the rental period. In case the user does not pay the fines, XL will charge them to the user together with administrative costs. XL retains the right to invoice the costs listed above without notifying the lessee prior to it. Lessee is responsible for traffic violations and parking fines that he or she made, even after the rented vehicle is returned. Accounting for traffic violations and parking fines is valid even after the final invoice is issued if the fines arrive later.


The customer can send complaints and objections about renting the vehicle and fulfillment of the obligations and rights from the contract to XL

  •  by post: TASLAK TRADE d.o.o., Dobrilina 3, 21000 Split
  •  or to e-mail: xlinfo@xlrentacar.com


14.1.  XL has the right to terminate the rental contract and immediately take the vehicle in possession if the user does not comply with any provision of these conditions or rental contract, or if the vehicle is damaged. The termination of the rental contract under this provision does not question other rights that XL has according to these conditions and rental contract.

14.2. The user does not have any right to terminate the contract under any circumstances if the renting period has started and the contract terms are realized in full, or after the renting period is finished and the vehicle is returned.


Listed conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and all unresolved disputes that may occur from or in regards with this contact are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court in Split according to the headquarters of XL Rent a Car.


Provisions of these terms are subjected to changes from XL, and when the changes occur they will be visible on the web, together with the time they will be put into effect, unless it will be written differently. When renting a vehicle XL employee must give the client one copy of the rental contract that has to be in the vehicle during the whole time of renting. If the police officer or some other authorized person asks for it, the driver has to show it. By signing the contract with XL Rent a Car the lessee confirms that he or she is familiar with all the conditions and agrees to all of them.

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